4-Level Dimmer Smart Bulb

Saves energy and provides the right amount of light needed for any situation.

The 4-Level Dimmer Smart Bulb has 4-levels of light and one filament, making it possible to be used with standard base sockets. Traditional 3-way bulbs can only be used in special 3-way sockets and have two filaments- one seems to burn out in a few hours. Insert the 4-Level Dimmer in any ordinary socket. Switch the light on to dim from its full brightness to a nighlight level with medium and low brightness levels in between. Like all Smart Bulbs, this 4-level dimmer is guaranteed for 2-years!

There is a computer chip in the bulb’s base that controls the light. It contains patented Soft Start technology that eliminates the electrical shock to the filament which over a period of time burns out the bulb. We estimate that Soft Start extends the bulb’s life 2 or 3 times.