These computerized Smart Bulbs save energy and can even save a life. They have many applications including 10-minute auto-off's for closets, laundry, utility and dressing rooms; 30-minute auto off's in basements and garages; dimming night light in a child’s room and in other areas of the home for added safety and security. Other applications include the 6-hour cycle timer in table lamps throughout the house that act like guardians when no one is at home; the flasher in outdoor fixtures and lanterns that become a beacon of light day or night in case of emergencies; and the 4-level dimmer that is far superior than the traditional 3-way bulb that requires a special socket and has two filaments. The Smart Bulb 4-Level Dimmer has one filament and can be used in any standard base socket and is guaranteed, like all Smart Bulbs, for 2-years!

Our current product line features 7 different Smart Bulbs including:  

•    Smart Bulb Emergency Flasher™
•    Smart Bulb Dimming Night Light™
•    Smart Bulb 4-Level Dimmer™
•    Smart Bulb 10-Minute Auto Off™
•    Smart Bulb 30-Minute Auto Of™
•    Smart Bulb Cycle Timer™

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