Emergency Flasher Smart Alert Bulb™

This Smart Bulb works like a traditional light bulb until you need a flashing signal to bring attention to your home.

Insert the Emergency Flasher Smart Bulb in any ordinary indoor or outdoor fixture, such as a porch light or outdoor post lamp. The bulb will function normally for daily use. Just flick the wall switch twice inside the house and the Smart Bulb becomes a beacon of light for someone trying to find your home, especially in the suburbs where house numbers are hard to see. Seconds count when an emergency vehicle is trying to find a house. Even the pizza delivery guy will like this feature.

There is a computer chip in the bulb’s base that controls the light. It contains patented Soft Start technology that eliminates the electrical shock to the filament which over a period of time burns out the bulb. We estimate that Soft Start extends the bulb’s life 2 or 3 times. It is guaranteed for 2-years!