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Smart Bulb Timers
The Smart Guardian Bulb, 6-Hour Security Timer, can be used in any standard base socket and works on a 24-hour cycle. Turn it on at a specific time and it will stay on for six hours, go off for 18 hours and come back on the next day at the same time. The starting time can easily be changed. There's a 12-hour option for areas where more light, or longer light, are needed.
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Smart Bulb Good Night Dimmer
The Smart Dimmer Bulb, Good Night Dimmer, provides safety and security in any room. It functions like a normal bulb until the socket knob is turned - then the bulb dims down to a nightlight level over 20 minutes. It stays at the nightlight level until it is turned off. It can also be used in a bedside lamp in a child's room or an adult's room for safety and security.
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Smart Bulb Emergency Flasher
The Smart Alert Bulb Emergency Flasher works like a traditional light bulb in an outdoor fixture or lantern until you need a flashing signal to bring attention to your home. By flicking the wall switch twice inside the house, the Smart Bulb, becomes a beacon for someone trying to find a home - an emergency vehicle, visitor, party guest or even the pizza delivery man.
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Smart Bulb Auto Off
The Smart Timer Bulbs, Auto-Off 10-Minute and Auto-Off 30-Minute, can be used in any standard base socket and will automatically turn off after the programmed amount of time. The bulb will warn you by blinking one minute before it goes off. To prevent the bulb from shutting off, just flick the wall switch and it will remain on.
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Smart Bulb 4-Level Dimmer
The Smart Dimmer Bulb, 4-Level Dimmer, provides four levels of light and can be used in any standard base socket. Traditional 3-way bulbs can only be used in special 3-way sockets. Smart Bulbs start at full brightness and adjust to a night light level with a simple turn of a switch. Choose your perfect level of brightness with the Smart LED full-range dimmer from start to full brightness. Perfect for reading, entertaining and everything in between.
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